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Cumbria Chess Association Games Played

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The current ECF rule is that 3 games can be played before Game fees are liable, and these days the ECF follow then up with vigour !

Our own constistution follows the ECF by allowing 3 games. After that payers must be ECF members and Cumbria Chess Association members.

The 'Other' column usually refers to Whitaker matches, but can also be games played this season left over from previous seasons.

Dave Cole   1
George Horne1
Russ Hayley2
Kit Hopkins2
Matthew Mackenzie21
Frank Whalley 1

Player Carlisle A Carlisle B Other
Bill Burgess2
Bill Hardwick3
George Glover21
Alan Hiatt2 11
Alan Little3
Ian Mackay2
James Ovens121
Paul Rivers 1
David Willey2

Player Kendal   
Emily Asquith1
John Dobson1
Jon Duckham3
Oliver Gill1
Tim Lounds2
David Shaw 4
Jonathan Rashleigh3

Player Maryport A Maryport B
Tim Bowler11
Greg Millar1
Neil Jones 3
Roger Hart1
Dennis Renney1
Gary Sharkey3
Ian Stone11

PlayerPenrith APenrith BOther
Fred Clough21
Dennis Hale   1
Dave Hood2
Eggert Früchtenicht 2 1
Alice Lampard1
M Lawler21
Andy McAtear2
Lewis McAtear2

PlayerUlverston AUlverston BOther
Richard Braithwaite11
James Corbishley1
Peter Caulfield1
Ian Dacre21
Neil Foxcroft21
Martin Gawne1
Peter Hanks 1
Louis Simon1

Player Windermere    Other
Alex Billings1
Colin Bragg  1 1
Peter Caulfield1
Ian Hewitson
David Phillips 1 1
David Shaw11