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Meets 7.30 Mon & Wed All year   Web site link
Royal British Legion Club
Holker St.      
Barrow-in-Furness, LA14 5RQ    
SecretaryDavid Cole 26 St Quintin’s Avenue, Barrow-in-Furness LA13 9HB
Team Captain   Email
Barrow A (South League) Dave Cole    as above
Barrow B (South League) Trevor Blower

Barrow  (Whitaker)Trevor Blower as above
Barrow ECF Grades

Carlisle Austin Friars

Meets 7.15 Thursdays Sept-June web-site link
Austin Friars School, Etterby Scaur,
Carlisle CA3 9PB
Secretary Bill Hardwick  
11 Beechwood Ave.Stanwix,
Carlisle, CA3 9BW  
Team Captain   Email
Carlisle Bishops (Open League)  Paul Rivers

Carlisle Kings (Open League)  Ian Mackay
Carlisle Bishops (Whitaker) Paul Rivers
as above
Carlisle Kings (Whitaker) Bill Hardwick
Carlisle Rooks (Whitaker)John Lydon 
Carlisle A/F ECF Grades


Meets 7.00 Thursdays Sep – April   web-site link
Abbot Hall Social Club
Dowkers Lane. Kendal, LA9 4DN
Find us  Maps here

Secretary   Michael Thistlewood

Chairman   David Shaw
Lancaster Captain Jonathan Rashleigh
Honorary PresidentMalcolm Walker  
TeamCaptain Email
Kendal  (South League) John Dobson

Kendal ECF Grades


Meets 7:15  Tues  Sep – April   web-site link
Friends Meeting House, Elliot Park, Keswick  CA12 5NZ (Opposite Booths)
SecretaryAllan Todd        
TeamCaptain Email
Keswick A (Open League) Clive Hutchby  
Keswick B (Open League) Clive Hutchbyas above
Keswick (Whitaker) Clive Hutchbyas above
Keswick ECF Grades


Meets 6.00 – 9.00  Tues   web-site link
Ewanrigg & Netherton Community Centre 
Ennerdale Road, Maryport, CA15 8HN 
SecretaryLeanna Sharkey 
TeamCaptain Email
Maryport (Open League)Gary Sharkey

Maryport (Whitaker) Gary Sharkey  as above
Maryport ECF Grades


Meets 7.00 Wednesdays. All year  web-site link 
The Crown Hotel, Eamont Bridge, Penrith
Cumbria CA10 2BX
SecretaryEggert Früchtenicht  
Team Captain   Email
Penrith A (Open League) Andy McAtear
Penrith B (Open League)   Andy McAtear   as above
Penrith 1 (Whitaker)Andy McAtear as above
Penrith 2 (Whitaker)Andy McAtear as above
Penrith ECF Grades


Meets 7.30 Mondays & Tuesdays
September – April
The Stan Laurel Pub, 31 The Ellers, Ulverston
LA12 0AB
Secretary           Mike Mason                                                         
Team Captain   Email
Ulverston A (South League)   Peter Hanks

Ulverston B (South League)  Peter Hanks    as above
Ulverston (Whitaker ) Peter Hanks   as above
Ulverston ECF Grades


Two members of Sasra Chess Club still meet on most Thursdays at one of the pubs in Whitehaven.

They meet in The Yellow Earl, The Waterfront, and The Whittington Cat.

Contact - 


Meets 7.30 1st & last Tuesdays of the months September – April
Marchesi Centre, Holly Road,
Windermere  LA23 2AF
SecretaryPeter Caulfield                 
Team Captain   Email
Windermere (Open League)  Colin Bragg

Windermere (Whitaker) Ian Hewitson

Windermere ECF Grades