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Fide Laws of Chess
Fide Laws of Chess as from July 2017
Fide Laws of Chess The Laws wth comments by the  Chess Arbiters Association for arbiters and players.
Table of Changes A summary of the changes by the Chess Arbiters Association

2017  AGM (Previous AGMs on Archives Page)
2017  NCCU (Previous NCCU on Archives Page)

NCCU Minutes    June 10th

NCCU Annual Council Minutes    December 2nd

Forms & Useful Downloads

Does anybody have any other useful forms to download ?  eg Score sheets

Historical Articles   

If  you know of any more interesting articles, please let me know.

Cascat (Cumbria Archive Service) 

Cascat1The Cascatt service can be looked at on the internet, but to see any documents you will need to visit one of the Cumbria Archive centres at Whitehaven, Kendal, Barrow, or Carlisle. The staff will take photocopies for you, if possible, at 30p/sheet, or for 8 you can take digital photos all day long.

The following explains how to see what is available. You can, of course, skip the procedure and click on any of the references lower down.

The  web site for the records is  

1. Click on Guide: Non-Official Records on the menu on the left of the screen.
2. Click on Societies and Organizations under Guide to Non-Official Records.
3. Click on Cumbria Chess Association on the alphabetical list.

This will now show the record YDSO 30 which is a list of the records that Bill deposited. At this point you can  -

1) Type 'chess' into the search box and click search. This will bring up any chess records in any of the Cumbria Archive centres. There are ones at Whitehaven, Barrow, Kendal, and Carlisle.

2) Click on YDSO 30 in the Reference row ( not the YDSO 30 over the top of the table ). This will list out each of the records as in the photocopies  that I took on the day. There are two pages of this - Page 1 & Page 2. They are just a little different than the entry on the internet.

For an example of what is available I took a photo copy of two pages of Record number 3 - Minute book (signed) of the Cumberland, Westmorland and Furness Chess Association. 1962-1970 .

The first copy I took was the first page as this illustrates what the record actually is.

The second copy was at the end of Record 3 as this showed a couple of names that I recognised -  John Toothill & Colin Bragg. They were winning things even back in 1970 !

John Toothill

John's obituary appeared in the Westmorland Gazette on the 9th December 2017.

Syd Cassidy on the Radio

In 2011 Syd Cassidy was awarded the the English Chess Federation President's Award. Following this he was interviewed by Radio Cumbria.

Radio Cumbria Interview.

Border TV at Penrith Chess Club   

In 2012 Penrith Chess Club received a grant from Eden District Council's Community Fund to replace  stolen equipment. Reporter Tim Backshall visited the Club for Border TV.

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